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Queen Falling Star
I'm Himesama I love sewing clothes, reading books and anything fun. Karaoking is one of my new obsessions [DBSK is my forever obsession xD] I like anime and love some of it, I love love love k-pop, j-pop and j-rock. I like cosplaying and sewing [Haha yes sewing is an obsession its part of my LIFE *insert dramatic music*. I love love lOVE Lolita clothing theirs just something so fun and amazing about dressing up in it!

As you can probably tell I can be a real spaz but hey we make the world go around!!! I can't pay attention to things for long. My attn span is like this long - {<--- that line is the length xD] But if you catch my attention and its something super duper awesome It can stretch a wee bit farther!

So if I haven't scared you away leave me a post because I love meeting new people and making friends =]

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"a millionaires first love!", "kagen no tsuki" hyde, asian dramas me= dork, i enjoy learning japanese, i think its so, my own clothes!, obsessed with it!!, pink, the gothic lolita fashion!!, wonderful and beautiful